IBM Boulder asked me to write a series of presentations for their "Best of the Best" awards dinners. Award winners were flying in from all over the country, with spouses, and most of them were strangers to each other. Like most companies, IBM's typical awards presentations consisted of listing each person's accomplishments, mainly in terms of dollars and numbers. Knowing how boring those kinds of dinners can be, especially for spouses, I proposed something different.

I called the direct managers of each award recipient to get a story, something warm and fuzzy or funny about each person. From "Kamikaze," who had won the Rondo Cup for outstanding incompetence on the Mary Jane Ski Slopes, to Cliff, who was about to adopt two more children for a total of five and spent his spare time coaching Little League, the stories I wrote for management made the evenings a resounding success - and the model for future awards dinners.

When communications are fresh and original, no one forgets you or confuses you with the competition. And people actually listen to, or read, what you have to say. My goal is to help companies communicate in a way that is both unique and compelling. I work with a number of talented graphic designers to provide turnkey projects.


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"A personal thank you for all your help with the speeches for our 'Pride' programs. We extend our sincere appreciation." — Director Corporate Communications, IBM

"The introductory brochure seemed to take forever to get through the approval process, but it never would have gotten done without Sherry. Thanks for making the outcome such a success." — VP Marketing, First Chicago

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